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It has been an honor to serve as your State Representative in the Connecticut General Assembly for the past two years.

My focus is to make sure that your concerns are addressed as we handle the business of State government.

While my democratic and republic colleagues passed some positive bipartisan legislation last year, the Governor and democratic majority party forced through another increase in state spending and imposed the largest tax increase in Connecticut history.

I continue to advocate for fiscal responsibility, smaller government and local control. Connecticut's ‘government comes first’ approach fostered by the current majority party is short sighted, does not work, and has never worked. My priorities for the upcoming session are:

  • Balancing the budget, click here for more on the 2012 Budget Deficit
  • Focusing on economic development and job creation
  • Building on this year's education reform bill
Click here for more on my approach to being your State Representative.

I am always eager to hear from you and to assist whenever possible. If you have any questions about State government or would like to share your opinion on any issue, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Visit my State Representative's web site for more information about my service in Connecticut's House of Representatives.

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